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Construction Monitoring: Know when disturbance is a problem. Keep them happy!
- Construction Monitoring : Overview

Response Dynamics Vibration Engineering Inc. provides professional construction vibration monitoring services for the construction industry. We provide remote and on-site monitoring that can be customized for the needs of each unique construction and/or demolition project. Vibration and acoustic noise monitoring is often required under many local, state, and federal regulations. As part of our construction vibration monitoring services, we guide our clients through these laws and codes, evaluate our clients needs given the project plan, provide training where necessary. The project can then proceed forward as efficiently and aggressively as possible while meeting the project requirements.

We also setup monitoring equipment for commercial property owners to help protect them from incurring damage from undocumented levels of ground motion when a potentially aggressive construction or demolition project is planned to occur near the property.

From a practical standpoint, vibration monitoring is often prudent for both the contractor and neighbors affected by the project. Complaints from neighboring facilities and residences can bring construction to a standstill. Accusations of vibration induced settling and/or damage can be costly and time consuming. Monitoring ground or structure vibration provides an independent objective measure of the sound and vibration levels. Starting a project with vibration and acoustic noise monitoring in place shows the concerned parties that their needs are an important part of the planning process.

We use dedicated construction vibration monitoring equipment capable of logging ground motion and acoustic noise for extended periods. The vibration monitoring equipment is available with remote operation, downloading capability, triggered alarms, text messaging and email alerts. Large vibration and acoustic event triggers can be set to industry standard thresholds, or to any arbitrary trigger level, to capture the vibration and acoustic noise disturbance.

Stand Alone Sound Level Monitoring - When acoustic noise is the primary concern, we provide Acoustic Monitoring Services that involve logging sound level meters that perform triggered event capture as well as characterizations in the time and frequency domain, and statistical summaries.

Response Dynamics offers two systems for construction vibration monitoring:.

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