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Product or facility emergencys; Semiconductor tool crisis, SEM Imager Disurbance, Unstable Control System, Settling time not meeting spec, Medical device overheading, High boiler vibration, Building acoustics/vibration, Helicopter motor mount failure
- Emergency Solutions : Overview

Response Dynamics has been the GoTo team for product emergencies for over 30 years. We react fast to product and facility emergencies.

One or more of these scenarios may be familiar:

We perform under pressure to solve critical vibration, acoustic, thermal, control stability, and other engineering challenges. Where a team of excellent engineers and physicists are stretched thin and fall short, we join the effort and help the team succeed by bringing our structural dynamics expertise and over 30 years of multi-disciplined problem solving experience to the table.

Response Dynamics has made Diagnostic Testing our bread and butter for over 30 years. We do this work well because we enjoy and are well grounded in basic physics and have particular expertise in structural dynamics and how it relates to vibration and acoustic noise issues on a myriad of levels. We get our hands dirty and build prototypes, create mock-ups, and proof-of-concept “fixes”, often by improvising with what we have on hand, to demonstrate engineering solutions. We then work with the client to make these “fixes” manufacturable.

We know instrumentation, digital signal processing, and spectral analysis. We use our specialized skill set, and a vast array of instrumentation that we have collected for over 3 decades, to design tests and solve tricky problems from nanometer disturbances in interferometers, to thermal and acoustic issues in military control hardware, to magnetic/acoustic/vibration issues in scanning electron microscopes, to turbine isolation issues in hundred megawatt power plants, to optics vibration and servo control issues in sub-micron genomics microscopes and mountain top telescopes, to name a few.

We design tests to measure static and dynamics strain, static and dynamic pressure, acceleration, velocity, displacement, magnetic field, temperature, fluid flow, and light intensity, to name a few.

Key concepts common in diagnostic testing:

We use testing expertise and various methods of systems modeling to make sense of the system problems so that we will have confidence that our understanding is indeed correct (or sufficiently correct). We also make an effort to know what we don't know by considering measurement error, instrumentation noise, resolution limitations, and non-linear behaviors.

It is in the nuts and bolts of knowing good data from bad that brings indispensable value to our analyses.

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