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Site Survey Testing & Analysis: Floor vibration, Transmission path testing, Stiffness testing, Resonance testing, Acousitcs noise, Reverberation testing, Absorption testing, Magnetic field mapping
- Site Testing & Analysis : Overview

We routinely perform site surveys for the installation of sensitive equipment and make comparisons with manufacturers' environmental specifications or industry standard guidelines. We typically make measurements of floor vibration, acoustic noise and stray magnetic field/EMF.

Some systems require knowledge of the dynamic floor stiffness and we perform dynamic testing of floor systems to quantify the rigidity of the floor, resonant frequencies, and modal coupling to other areas of the floor system and building. We perform the Vibration Testing and Modal analysis of floor systems and building structures to determine modal coupling and deformation shape. The analysis of this testing is used to make tool site selections, place vibration sources in the least vulnerable locations, and often to aid in the design of structural modifications to solve dynamics issues.

Acoustic noise surveys may be required for sensitive tools or for sensitive people. We perform Acoustic Testing measurements for building acoustics, including T60 decay measurements for sound absorption estimates, speech intelligibility, transmission loss and privacy.

We work with architectural and engineering teams to consult on Facility Vibration issues relating to criteria development for floor vibration, floor stiffness, acoustic noise, and the STC requirements of walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors.

We perform tests and analyze data to design solutions for problems with vibration, acoustics noise, and Stray Magnetic Field/EMF in rooms, manufacturing floors, industrial processing spaces, office space, and residential areas.

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