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Power Generation: Fatigue Analysis, Load Path ID, FEA Validation, Troubleshooting
- Strain Gage Testing Services : Power Generation

When a very complex structure is thought to be the cause of vibration to an adjacent structure, there are often many interconnecting elements/systems that are suspect. To further complicate the problem, there are also often multiple suspected sources of the disturbance. We will often start by forming a number of likely hypothesis based on our initial analysis of the system and discussions with the client. We will then suggest a test plan to prove or disprove these hypothesise by making measurements of the system response to ambient, and known stimulus.

Multiple Sources and Load Paths
Multiple Sources & Load Paths

Strain, or stretch, in a structural element is one way to show that force is being transmitted along a particular piece of the structure. We can then ask the questions:

These are some of the questions we can answer using strain gage testing to prove of disprove a hypothesis. This often involves crawling around on beams in dark corners of a noisy plant to install strain gages in hard to reach places. Or climbing up 200ft of ladders to test an oil filter mount in a Wind Turbine. Often, the ability to positively identify a force transmission path makes this effort worthwhile.

For example, we were called in to help identify the cause of vibration to the control room of a newly constructed 120 Mega-Watt power plant. The vibration in the control room was so bad that the control personnel could not read the monitors. There was also a stairway that was unusable due to high vibration levels, and a few stalls in the mens bathroom that were not usable as well due to the uncomfortable vibration levels. The use of strain gage testing at this power plant was a key part of this interesting project. Using the strain gage measurements we were able to quantify the forces transmitted between the isolated turbine pedestal and the surrounding building. Through a combination of this strain gage testing and our dynamic testing and analysis we were able to zero in on a surprisingly simple solution. We give a brief description of this work under this link:

Heavy Industry / Power Generation.

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