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Manufacturing & Pland Process
- Heavy Industry Consulting : Manufacturing & Plant Process

We have worked on many interesting projects that involve manufacturing and plant process issues relating to vibraiton and/or acoustic noise for many heavy industry clients. The industrial projects are too numerous to include descriptions for all. A partial list of projects include:

Most of these projects involve not only our many years of structural dynamic experience, but also consideration of many aspects of basic physics and engineering to narrow down the scope of the problem at hand to form a few likely hypotheses. This detective work is what we do best. The experimental tests we perform using acceleration, velocity, and displacement measurements, creative dynamic testing, strain, temperature, other parameters, help us to validate or disprove a hypothesis and point the way forward to a set of engineered solution options, and/or further study. (see Diagnostic Testing, Vibration Testing , Modal Analysis and ODS Testing, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) )

Descriptions of many projects are presented in the other tabs on the top of this page (and in the other topics of the left hand links). We plan on updating the web site periodically to include examples of our work. Our extensive Client List represents hundreds of projects, some involving days of work, others lasting several months.

- Heavy Industry Consulting Topics Include:
Overview, Manufacturing & Plant Process, Rotating Equipment, Vibration Induced Fatigue, Power Generation

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