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Overview Semiconductor Biotech & Medical Aerospace & Naval Research Science Automotive Industry
High Technology Consulting Areas: Semiconductor, Biotech, Solar and Wind Energy, Pharmaceutial, Medical Device, Nanotech, Astronomy, Aerospace, and more.
- High Tech Consulting : Overview

We offer engineering services to numerous hightech companies, as both vibration consultants and acoustics consultants, in the development of wafer fabrication and metrology equipment, biotech test and imaging systems, medical device, pharmaceutical, aerospace and defense systems, and other sensitive devices. Our extensive experience with micro-vibration and acoustics issues in the structural dynamics of sensitive high-resolution manufacturing, testing and imaging systems, make us leaders in the field of sub-micron and nanometer technology.

Critical systems and products that we have helped develop include; scanning electron (SEM) microscopes, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, home dialysis systems, robotic surgical systems, optical inspection systems, confocal microscopes systems, chromatographic analyzers, atomic force microscopes (AFM), genomic sequencers, biomedical fluorescent array analyzers, optical interferometers, ion mills, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers, stylus profilometers, film thickness analyzers, tunneling electron microscopes, critical dimension measurement systems, defect optical detection systems, and many more.
Two pictures from our vibration consulting on the Gemini telescopes, this picture was taken at Gemini South in Chile. We performed vibration testing and modal testing to characterize the vibration response of the telescope. Capacitive Gauge used to measure between silicon wafer and optics plate
Diagnostic Vibration Testing of Twin Gemini Telescopes Sensitivity Testing of Semiconductor Tool

Our consulting services involve assistance at several points along the product development cycle. We enjoy working from the conceptual design phase where our input will often greatly improve the likelihood that the vibration and dynamics aspects of the design will perform as expected (see Product R & D). In our engineering consulting work also debug unforeseen issues at a customer site, where a quick and accurate analysis of the issues will help the team converge to a solution and save valuable customer good will (see Product Emergencies, Diagnostic Testing, and Vibration Testing ).

Vibration testing and diagnostic Testing of Laser Optics System Time Domain Analysis of Slip of Biotech Sample Carriers
Diagnostic Testing of Laser Optics System Time Domain Analysis of Slip of Biotech Sample Carriers

In the design phase our experienced consultants work with an engineering team on a new concept, or work to modify an existing technology to push performance to new levels of throughput, resolution, or both. We provide guidance in the development of the conceptual and detailed design (often using a combination of analytic, numerical, and finite element modeling). Our experience allows us to see potential pitfalls and find winning solutions in the start of the design process.

Thermal analysis and FEA modeling of non-orthotropic materials for semiconductor application
Thermal Mechanical Model of Non-Orthotropic Materials
Using Finite Element Analysis

In either the engineering design phase, or for product emergencies, we often offer a very valuable larger picture of the interconnected facility and tool systems that couple to manifest vibration, imaging, and performance issues. These components include optics, their mounts, servo control systems, stage dynamics, isolation systems (active and passive hybrids), environmental enclosure noise and vibration, pedestals, floor system dynamics, room acoustics, EMF, and acoustic noise.

Once the prototype has been built, we validate system performance by performing measurement and analysis of the dynamic response of these systems to expected disturbances, often internal sources (such as X-Y stage stopping transients) and external sources (such as floor vibration and acoustic noise).

In addition, determination of system resonances by modal testing and analysis often provides critical design information. If necessary, the design is then improved by making appropriate changes in structural design, stage control, vibration isolation, and damping treatment.

We perform vibration sensitivity testing to determine the specification for allowable levels of facility vibration (and acoustic noise) for the systems installation. In our vibration consulting we also perform hundreds of site evaluation measurement to verify that the proposed installation site (in the end-user's facility) provides an acceptable vibration and acoustic noise environment for the successful operation of the sensitive system. If facility problems are identified we often work with the facility owners to identify and solve the problem or to find a suitable alternative site for the system.

In our over 30 years of consulting on facility vibration and acoustics issues we have developed a highly evolved monitoring system, the VMS1 Monitoring System, to continuously measure vibration acoustic noise, magnetic field, and other signals, and provide exactly what is needed to automatically capture and characterized disturbance events, trigger alarms for the engineering and facility team, and track the environmental parameters over time for use in customized analyses to show how the fab, or facility, is changing over time.

We plan on updating the web site periodically to include examples of our work. Our extensive Client List represents hundreds of projects, some involving days of work, others lasting several months, over the last 30+ years. Our website is put together by our engineers and has been evolving slowly since 2006, as we find the time to work on it. Discriptions of many of our projects can be found in the left hand links under the various topics that describe our test, analysis, and design work.

- High Tech Consulting Topics Include:
Overview, Semiconductor, Biotech & Medical, Aerospace & Naval, Research Science, Automotive Industry

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