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Overview Vibration Characterization Dynamic Testing Damping Treatments Time Domian Analysis
Vibration Testing and vibration analysis cover image for a page describing our engineering consulting services as vibration consultants and acoustic consultants
- Vibration Consulting : Overview

Response Dynamics has been providing vibration and acoustic consulting services in the Silicon Valley area, nationally, and worldwide for over 30 years. Our vibration consulting services include vibration testing and vibration analysis, experimental design, instrumentation, digital signal processing, and engineering design. As Acoustic Consultants, our services dovetail with our structural dynamics and vibration expertise.

Response Dynamics is a dedicated team of engineers with focus on vibration related issues. As vibration consultants, we work on a wide variety of products, machines, and tools in all fields and industries that include: consumer products, novel medical devices ranging from small eye surgical tools to large surgical robots, a myriad of automated high resolution tools in the biotech and semiconductor industries, terrestrial mountain top telescopes, offshore oil rigs and dynamic positioning vessels, construction equipment ranging from laser guided graders to simple hammers, solar arrays, Tesla's electric cars, power generation plants, disk drive and computer products, military hardware, aerospace guidance systems, gadgets, and everything in between. (See our Client list by industry).
Image of a mirror with servo control that was part of a system I worked on as a vibration consultant As vibration consultants we engineer a wide range of unique customized damping treatments for all types of products and structures, this image shows the frequency response functions before and after attaching a custom tuned mass damper we designed for a biotech product
Optical Mirror Actively Controlled,
Secondary Resonaces Limit Bandwidth
Damping Treatments Include Tuned Mass
Dampers When Appropriate

Dynamic Testing is the backbone of much of our work as a vibration consultants, it is the basis of vibration analysis and Modal Analysis testing, and a powerful tool in identifying cause and effect in our Diagnostic Testing. We often perform a vibration characterization along with Dynamic Tests (Force & Response measurements) to determine the structural dynamics that influence resonant amplification and transmission from the disturbance sources to the critical structures. We use our estimates of the dynamic parameters to suggests structural modifications, and often create optimized custom Damping Treatment Designs.

As vibration consultants, we work with our client's engineering team to make the vibration problem understandable, providing guidance in experimental design. We select and provide the instrumentation to do testing and analysis to characterize the problem and quantify the important components of the problem. We provide visualization of structural issues and allow the team to optimize practical and engineered solutions, based on valid test data, in a short time frame.
Image showing tools and gadgets that we use as vibraiton consultants to do vibration testing and vibration analysis An image of an operating deflection shape analysis, ODS, we performed as vibration consultants in a building structure that has a large vibrating machine on the top floor creating a major vibration problems for which we engineered a solution using tuned reaction masses
Tools of the Trade, Amplifiers, Filters,
Shakers, Force Sensors, Accelerometers
Operating Deflection Shape of a Building

We have developed and refined measurement techniques to sort out acoustically driven vibration, environmental vibration, and internal vibration sources. We can provide The Big Picture by showing how the dynamics of a structure and the surrounding environment couple to provide the transmission of vibration from these various sources to the critical components of the tool.

We use a wide variety of instrumentation including accelerometers of various sizes and sensitivities each suited for specific purposes. We use geophones and seismographs where needed. We use relative dispacement sensors of various kinds including capacitive sensors, and eddy current probes and optical sensors, in a variety of geometries and sensitivities and eddy current probes. We understand the idiosyncrasies and limitations of instrumetation that include the frequency response, thermal noise, cross-coupling, electical noise sensitivity, and linearity. We also know the digital signal processing side of our business.
Three images showing various vibration problems we have encountered as vibration consultants, including self excited vibration from control instabilities, engine vibration, and the ringdown from robot moves
Self-Induced Vibration: Control Instability, Transient Ringdown After Move, Engine Vibration

We have worked on a myriad of systems. From nanometer level disturbances of scanning electron microscopes, to micron level motions of giant mountain-top telescopes, to centimeter level motions of offshore oil rigs. We have worked on hundreds of industrial, biomedical, semiconductor, and commercial systems worldwide to improve performance, and to solve imaging, measurement, vibration and acoustic issues.

In addition to:

our vibration testing and analysis services also include the following:

The Frequency Response Function (FRF) involves measurement of the response at a given point on a structure, per unit input force at another point as a function of frequency. The ratio of the response to the input force as a function of frequency is called the Transfer Function, or the Frequency Response Function (FRF). We can use a measured impulse (like a tap) to excite a structure, or use an electrodynamic shaker using full spectrum force excitation. Measurement of the frequency response function (FRF) is our most powerful tool. It contains the “fingerprint” of the inherent structural dynamics of a system. The resonant parameters can be extracted numerically from these FRFs and include the resonant frequencies, the local stiffness, and damping.

We work with archetechtual teams in the planning of new Facilities, and in repurposing existing facilities, providing guidance in translating vibation and acousitc requirements into design specificaitons, and taking on unique design challenges. Our work includes projects ranging from semiconductor cleanrooms, laboratories, hospitals, office buildings, and industrial facilities. We provide testing, analysis, of existing sites to quantify the vibraiton and acoustic paramenters needed to properly characterize an existing site. (See our Client list by industry).

- Vibration Consulting Topics Include:
Overview, Vibration Characterization, Dynamic Testing, Damping Treatments, Time Domian Analysis

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